daily membership for athletes who have no team


Only for italian athletes or resident on the italian territory, is possible to subscribe DayPass to partecipate at triathlon race. DayPass is not the same of an annual federation membership, therefore athletes and society don’t establish any associative obligation.

IMPORTANT: Those who have not sent the appropriate documentation (Form and copy of the medical certificate) are not allowed to start on the day of the race! 

The medical certificate must be valid (not expired) issued by an Italian doctor and report as sport THE TRIATHLON!

Athletes who decides to subscribe “Day Pass” must:

  • Submit a medical certificate as an agonistic medical certificatereleased in Italy, specific for TRIATHLON.
  • Pay € 6,00 for Junior category or € 15,00 for Senior and Master categories in addition to registration price. €10,00 for sprint distance.
  • Fill in the DayPass form (you can download it below) that is attached to the confirmation email that is sent at the end of the online entry. The DayPass form must be sent together with a copy of the italian agonistic medical certificate, according to the procedure described online.

Athlets who are not FITRI membership and partecipate to triathlon competition with the subscription of DayPass, about the results obtained:

  • No score will be recognized for the national rank and in any other national, international or regional ranking
  • can not get any national, international or regional title
  • no partecipation in any ranking. Athletes will be entered in a special separate ranking from the ranking of the FITRI’s membership athlets.
  • Athletes will not receive any prize, refund or bonus of significant value, neither in money nor in goods.

Download Daypass Form