Volunteer candidacy

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Volunteer candidacy

The success of our event depends largely on volunteers , their enthusiasm and their dedication.

Being a volunteer is both rewarding and inspiring!

By participating as a volunteer you can enjoy the live race, closely follow the athletes, help them and encourage them during the competition.

Participate in a triathlon requires a lot of physical and mental effort, but feel the presence of cheers at the edge of the roads by teams of “volunteers” who help to supervise traffic, in the stages of transition, and at the rest stop to accommodate athletes at the arrival is much more rewarding!

This year volunteers will receive a KIT which will consist of:

  • Santini Staff T-shirt
  • Bracelet to access the post race Pasta Party

Garmin TriO Forte is an event that will require the help at least of 150 volunteers, not only on for the day of the race, but also for the previous and following day.

Here are some of the tasks assigned to volunteers:

  • Assistance during the registration of the athletes
  • Control over bike and run course
  • Control over run course
  • Assistance at the arrival of athletes
  • Rest stop during and after the race
  • Assistance in preparation and removal of the event
  • Assistance in setting rest stop places.

If you want to be a Trio Events Volunteer please send an email at info@trioevents.it, we will find the more suitable role for you.

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